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Digital Marketing Tuneup 2022

Critical Website & SEO Upgrades for Success

As your digital marketing partner, Xi Digital is dedicated to staying current with leading marketing and usability trends so that your business attracts more users, converts them to happy customers, and continues to grow.

We want your business to put its best foot forward: that’s why we’ve carefully researched and put together a list of key upgrades and enhancements your website needs in order to increase brand visibility and search engine dominance.


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Google My Business Service Areas

Google My Business profiles were known to display a business’s address, and define a specific radius around that address as its service location. Over the summer of 2019, however, Google removed the Business Radius, and replaced it with Service Areas; even more recently, in November 2019, Google placed a limit on the number of Service Areas a Google My Business profile could target to 20 locations.

Knowing what location-based searches your business attracts can help you to populate your profile with the service areas that maximize your business exposure and help you generate more traffic, leads and sales.

Privacy Policy

With European implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is highly recommended for all websites to display a Privacy Policy statement in the event that a European user lands on your website. Addtionally, in order to run paid ads on Facebook, or lead form ads on Google,  your business must have a current Privacy Policy statement on your website disclosing what personal information you may be collecting from the user, and how that information is to be handled by your business.

Without a Privacy Policy, your Facebook page could face noncompliance penalties, like being disabled or shut down altogether. As for Google, you simply won’t be able to run lead form ads without a current Privacy Policy.



image of voice/sound waves to depict Voice Search Optimization

Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search has become increasingly popular in recent years with improved smartphone technology, and greater penalties for distracted driving. Naturally, voice searches look a lot different than typed searches as they typically encompass longer, conversational search phrases in natural, more casual language.

In order to capture these searches, you need to understand the long-tail searches that your customers are performing, and optimize your website content and meta tags accordingly.

to help understand ALT Tags on images - woman holding her nose to block husband's bad breath


ALT Text

ALT text for images traditionally served to describe an image if the image itself could not be displayed, or for visually impaired users to have screen readers “read” the image to them. While in the past ALT text was more of keyword-rich image title, 2022 best practices indicate the importance of context-based ALT text, as opposed to content-based ALT text. What this means is your text should focus less on what exists in the image, and moreso on what is happening in the image.

This coincides with the recent BERT update for Google, wherein Google’s algoritm favours descriptive content that is presented in more natural language and longer tail keywords, and can be picked up in voice searches.


logos of Bing, Yahoo and Yext for optimization

Bing, Yext, Yahoo! Optimization

Roughly 80% of local searches lead to a conversion, which makes not appearing in local searches very costly for any business. The more directories you create a listing for, along with keyword-rich, properly-optimized business information, the greater opportunity you provide potential customers to find you, no matter where they happen to be looking.


showing an example of Breadcrumb trails in navigation


Breadcrumb Trails

Breadcrumb trails are typically located at the top of a webpage, and indicate to users and search engines the heirarchy of the pages within your site. These can be location-based, category-based, or attribute-based, and indicate to the user their current location on your site, as well as the path they took to arrive there.

On a more technical level, breadcrumb trails help attribute target keywords to specific web pages, and create a cleaner internal linking profile, which can help search engines - like Google - to better understand what your business does, and how you do it.


Blog and categories pagination examples



In order to make large pieces of content user-friendly and easily-digestible, it sometimes needs to be split across several pages.  You would naturally use the same meta tags for every page of the same article, document, catalog or sub-category; however, doing so could cost you Google penalties for duplicate content.

Pagination helps signal that a group of webpages in a website are sequentially related to each other, avoiding duplicate content issues from these pages having the same meta tags and similar content.

Let Us Help You 

The topics on this page tell you about some essential factors for search engine and digital marketing success in 2022. We've been implementing most if not all of these for our clients and have been seeing beneficial results. Conversely, for sites without any of these factors, we've seen some downward trends. Please reach out to us so we can prepare a custom tuneup for your website. 

We’re excited to help you fully optimize your web presence, and happy to offer one, some, or all these items at one great price! Contact an expert at Xi Digital to design your custom Digital Tuneup 2022 package to get started!

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