SaunaFin Case Study

Context + Challenges

Several years ago, SaunaFin approached Xi Digital looking to update their existing website. They found that their current site was not helping them generate leads or convert visitors well enough. When Saunafin first came to Xi Digital for help, they were using a static website originally built in Dreamweaver, which suited their needs initially, but as their business expanded, Sanafin found that the Dreamweaver platform was ultimately a burden.

With their Dreamweaver website, SaunaFin had no backend functionality or content management system (CMS), which meant every page needed to be built from scratch, including order forms for each of their individual product types. As their product offering expanded, it became increasingly difficult and time-consuming for SaunaFin to keep their website up-to-date and take custom orders online.

SaunaFin needed a new, user-friendly website that would enhance their brand image, improve user experience, and support a growing e-commerce store. They needed a website that could scale with increased traffic and quality web content that would effectively encourage visitors to complete onsite orders and convert them into customers.

The solution was for SaunaFin to transition their website from the outdated Dreamweaver platform to a custom Juicebox powered website. During the shift to the Juicebox platform, Xi Digital needed to maintain SaunaFin’s search engine rankings while also ensuring the new custom website would drive more conversions.



SaunaFin underwent an extensive development process with Xi Digital over several months to rebrand and relaunch a new custom Juicebox powered website. An intuitive platform with a modern look, improved navigation structure, and advanced order functionality.


SaunaFin Case Study

Using Juicebox, Xi Digital’s proprietary Content Management System, SaunaFin was able to launch a visually appealing and user-friendly website that was also easy for them to manage on their own. With access to simple, user-friendly backend functionality, new SaunaFin-branded web pages could be added quickly and seamlessly with SEO-focused content, including new sauna categories, heaters, steam baths, accessories, informational resources, promotions, news, and more.

The new SaunaFin.com leveraged dynamic features in order to effectively serve their large customer base. With dynamic geo-targeted messaging, users would see products and information only available for purchase in their specific geographic location across Canada and the U.S. based on factors such as resource availability and shipping. This type of customization ensured that SaunaFin customers could plan their sauna purchases without being disappointed by restrictions later on.

Juicebox’s sophisticated order management capabilities also enabled the use of dynamic order forms, allowing users to customize and submit orders for any of SaunaFin’s home sauna kit models while also including heaters and accessories in their purchases. The enhanced functionality of the new website provides the SaunaFin team with real-time updates of recent sales, allowing the team to reach out directly to customers about their purchases to help overcome any perceived obstacles to purchasing a sauna product. This new order process enabled SaunaFin to efficiently provide their same great brick-and-mortar customer service online and over the phone.

To promote the new SaunaFin website, Xi Digital employed a comprehensive and highly strategic digital marketing plan. The Digital Marketing Team at Xi Digital used an agile combination of onsite and offsite SEO efforts, PPC Marketing campaigns and ongoing social media and content distribution in order to maintain and improve SaunaFin’s search rank and increase overall website orders.

Results + Outcome

Relaunched in mid 2017, with their new dynamic website and marketing plan, Saunafin completed its first high traffic season (approximately September to February) with exceptional results. Traffic from organic search, paid ads, and social media all saw great improvement, while both organic and PPC goal completions increased significantly.

Organic Results:

Every year, SaunaFin’s Juicebox website continues to deliver strong results that surpass the year before. From January 2019 to December 2019, SaunaFin not only maintained its positive Google/Bing/Yahoo search rank, but they also achieved first positions on the first page of Google/Bing/Yahoo search results for important keywords like “home sauna kits,” “prefab saunas,”“outdoor saunas'' and “sauna store”. From 2018 to 2020, SaunaFin’s organic results consistently outperformed the prior year. In 2020 alone, SaunaFin saw the following improvements, compared to 2019:


SaunaFin Organic Results


Paid Ads Results:

SaunaFin was one of the first businesses to useGoogle Ads shortly after it was originally launched as “Google Adwords”; given their previous success, they were not afraid to spend assertively for the right keywords. Xi Digital’s PPC and Graphic Design Teams implemented thoughtfully designed dedicated landing pages to funnel ads traffic that had been acquired with strategic keyword bidding. As a result, SaunaFin has realized much higher conversions, with lowered cost per acquisition for an overall greater return on investment.


Paid Ads Results

Social Media

In the past, traffic to SaunaFin.com from social media was negligible but Xi Digital was able to execute a custom social media strategy that successfully increased user engagement. Paired with an improved brand image and strong website content, SaunaFin’s growing social media audience has been more effectively funneled to the website resulting in even more conversions.


Social Media

Since the redesign and relaunch of SaunaFin.com on a customized Juicebox platform and the implementation of a more refined and strategic marketing strategy, SaunaFin’s team has seen astonishing business growth.

As a result of increased revenue and cost savings from efficient PPC campaigns, SaunaFin has been able to reinvest in additional projects and upgrade to an even more aggressive digital marketing plan that will better support its individual Canadian and US customer service.

Are you working with an outdated website platform? Upgrade your website with dynamic order management functionality. Contact the team at Xi Digital today! We’ll help you redesign and optimize your website’s layout to support increased conversions and create a custom digital marketing plan to ensure your brand is found online!



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