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How Can I Get My Website Found When I Compete With Millions of Other Websites?

We know that Google processes roughly 3.5 billion queries per day or a whopping 1.2 trillion per year! Which, to put in perspective is equivalent to every living person on Earth completing 162 searches per year! While these might be fun stats to share when lost for conversation at a networking event, any business owner can understand the immense frustration associated with not being found on Google. However, all is not lost, behold the power of Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC marketing for short.

Google Ads and other PPC management are the solutions to heavy volume. Think of it as an online advertising auction. Bidders, or in our case advertisers, bid on keywords that allow their ad groups to rise to the top of Google pages, and thus be found by searchers. PPC management for Google ads is especially useful in highly competitive industries where Google pages are densely saturated with competing results and your website is new or you haven’t been investing in SEO. Our expert Google PPC managers are able to create highly effective ad campaigns that best embody your business, while keeping your intended consumer in mind, trying to give them exactly what they’re searching for in the search results. Once the ads are created, our PPC managers are able to effectively bid and optimize your Google ads for the top of page positioning, thus allowing your website to be easily found by relevant, interested searchers.

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One of the top benefits of PPC management is that you can get a first page ranking for your desired keyword phrases (KWPs) as soon as your campaign is created. That means that you’re only paying to advertise to people who are looking for what you have to offer, right now. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads and lands on your site. Whether they stay and read/engage with your site in a way that leads to a conversion (the goal – the result you want to get when visitors come to your site or landing page) depends on how well your website does its job.

PPC management allows us to test a massive variety of keywords, phrases and related landing pages to see if your site is really doing its job well. If things don’t seem to be working, we can get to work optimizing your website or landing pages to try to get better results. Through Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking, we track conversions on every keyword in your account and ensure that you’re not paying for traffic that doesn’t result in your most wanted response. That is the ultimate control.

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Since every penny counts, we can set strict budgets on a campaign level and manage your bids (the price you’re willing to pay per click and management) on a per keyword basis. We can even set your campaign budgets according to geography, time of day, device (desktop, mobile or tablet) and this give you a lot of flexibility for managing how much you spend, when you spend it and for which keywords.


In short, yes. There is no question. The campaigns we create generate a continuous stream of new business for our clients.

Google Ads Management involves a live, dynamic auction, controlled by ever-changing algorithms. To stay effective, Google Ads campaigns require constant attention and updating to maximize success.

At Xi Digital, in addition to receiving a fully customized and uniquely catered Ad account, you get the full support of our expert PPC account managers in Toronto & Vaughan. As a recognized Google Partner, our PPC marketing team is trained directly by Google FOR Google, as well as other top industry strategists and teachers, meaning we are trained and up to date on campaign optimization and best practices, allowing for maximum budget efficiency and ROI.

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What do we do for you?

  • Business/ PPC Marketing Strategic Intake Assessment
  • Understanding Your Desired Goals
  • Website Audit
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Improvement Recommendations and/or Landing Page Creation
  • Campaign Creation including multiple highly targeted ad groups with focused relevant keywords/phrases and multiple variations of compelling customized Google ads / PPC management
  • Continual Monitoring and Analysis of Results
  • Opportunities Research/Recommendations
  • Sharing Knowledge across Teams (social, ppc, etc.) and collaborating with you to generate increasing Returns on Investment

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