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Marketing is a whole suite of strategies and activities centered around promoting a business, and selling its services and/or products. To begin marketing your business, you need to build a strong and robust marketing FOUNDATION. Strong foundations are built on solid footings or pillars buried deep underground.

Where core marketing work creates this strong, reliable foundation – your website will be the building or home that stands securely on top of it. Each of the pillars will be an area of your company’s unique and valuable strengths that matter and make a difference to your target market. The only way to build a foundation, is to start by doing a lot of digging to clear the area and prepare it for the foundation. Digging can also be understood metaphorically for really going deep into researching and understanding your target market, their needs, desires, and preferences, their pains and their motivators.

Decide How You Want To Be Known By Your Target Market: Creating Your Brand

Most companies essentially create and promote a brochure type website and wonder why they barely get any results. The main reason is that they are not effectively connecting with their target market. They’re not providing what customers really want to know and understand that will influence their decision – should they stay on your site and learn more about what you offer or should they go somewhere else?


On the internet, you only have about 8 seconds (some sources say as little as 2 seconds) from the time a visitor lands on your site to convince them (intuitively) that they should stay on your site and see if they can actually find what they want. Of course they’re not reading a whole page in 8 seconds, let alone your whole website. But what they’re doing is scanning and judging and making very quick decisions about the following questions going on in the back of their mind – “Am I in the Right Place? Does this company offer what I’m looking for? Why should I stay here?”

You can answer those questions with your content and sales copy fueled by your core marketing work. The main product of your core marketing foundation is a Core Marketing Message (aka Positioning Statement) - a message that clearly states:

  • Who you serve, (so your visitors know if it’s them or not)
  • What problems your company and/or products solve, (so your visitors know if you offer something they actually care about)
  • What special/value-added help or support you provide to your customers, (so your visitor know how you add value)
  • What is unique and meaningful about your particular company that differentiates you from the crowd. (so your visitors know and remember how you stand out in a meaningful way)

Creating this message is as much for you as it is for your target market. This is HOW YOU CREATE A BRAND.

When you are clear on who your company is, who it serves, how you’ve helped others, and what makes your solution (or your way of doing business) different, you are building a strong foundation for the rest of your marketing. You can always come back to your Core Marketing Message (aka positioning) and create any marketing pieces you want (web pages, Google Ads, landing pages, blog posts, social media messages, promotional materials, printed collateral, stationery, etc) to ensure they will connect with your ideal target market and bolster their trust in you.


You need trust to get anywhere in business (and in life of course). If people don’t trust you, why would they buy from you?

Ways to Establish & Build Trust

  • Be of Service – providing valuable, supportive information through an easy and intuitive website, contact info, frequently asked questions, etc.;
  • Be honest and sincere at all times;
  • Listen to your customers/market & show them that you listened by providing them with the things they asked for
  • Show them who you really are and what they can expect when they choose to work with you. People like to do business with people they like, know & trust.

Yes, doing all this work and getting to the essence of what your company is all about is fundamental. It's what you say when you only have 8 seconds, or less. It will earn you their time and willingness to stay on your site and follow through with a quote request or even a quick sale if you strike the right chords within them. Without understanding and being able to articulate the true value you bring to your prospects, you won’t have a solid foundation and won’t get the best results from your website and marketing.

Social Media Likes

  • Branding & Core Marketing Consulting & Development (from scratch to completion)
  • Refining your Brand, Message, Value Proposition, Logo,
  • Creating Personas of your ideal target market
  • Writing Core Marketing Pages for your website
  • Boosting Sales Copy
  • Improving Your PPC Campaigns
  • Increasing Site Engagement and Conversion Rates

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