Great Northern Insulation

Context + Challenge

How we grew a strong online presence in the insulation
industry and dominated on Google's first page results.

GNI came to XI Digital in 2014 with an average website that was dealing with multiple penalties from Google for duplicate content and backlink issues.  We developed a new website and an m.dot mobile website (a separate add-on mobile version of a website) for them. They wanted a solution to their Google penalties and they wanted a mobile-friendly website that would convert more visitors into customers. They gave us tangible goals that we could make happen for them: a new and more effective website for desktop + mobile, and an online presence that would convert with increased traffic and more web leads.

Once the new website was close to completion, we introduced SEO strategies that were successful for other service provider clients in similar industries. GNI understood that Xi Digital would take a “white hat” approach to the SEO work, and planned on legitimately dominating the first page search results for them within their service industry. When they came to us Google had penalized them because of their backlink profile and some duplicate content issues (they were copied from), which resulted in decreased rankings and less exposure/traffic. GNI had 6 main locations and wanted to receive organic traffic/leads for all 6 of them.


With the support of our Google Partners team, and our in-house SEO team, we researched ideas to improve their online presence, get rid of their Google penalties and properly audit their site for technical errors. We used experimental content strategies, which helped GNI overcome the challenge of generating equal opportunity online for multiple locations.

Why did they trust you?

We knew what was wrong with their website, why Google was penalizing it and how to clean up their backlinks profile and duplicate content issues properly. We showed them multiple websites that we designed/developed and they were impressed with our work. They didn’t want a cookie-cutter (template) style website, they wanted something custom designed and built that would truly stand out and dominate in the insulation industry.


We designed and developed a new custom website for GNI using our expertise to increase conversions, and we performed site audits to delete unwanted backlinks, and duplicate content. A mobile friendly site was a newer concept in 2014 - not all sites were mobile optimized back then. We were at the forefront of cutting edge technology with mobile solutions, which was another reason GNI chose Xi Digital.


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