Our Favourite Seasonal Marketing Strategies

Xi Digital Published on 19 Dec

Every year the holiday season comes around and challenges brands to get creative with their marketing. The increased competition and seasonal theme encourages businesses to step out of their comfort zone and try new marketing strategies and collateral. New, fresh approaches to your marketing is more than just a good way to capture the attention of holiday shoppers, testing strategies and platforms can help you elevate your brand and turn a short-term idea into a long-term result-oriented campaign. From social media marketing to pay-per-click advertising there are so many options you can choose from. When you work with a cutting-edge digital marketing agency with a holistic approach to marketing you can generate powerful and effective marketing materials. 

At Xi Digital, we pride ourselves on helping our clients build tailored digital marketing strategies that are innovative, thoughtful, and effective. Here are some of the top seasonal online marketing strategies our digital marketing experts recommend.


seasonal digital marketing strategiesA newsletter provides a straightforward way to reach your audience. Email marketing is highly-recommended by digital marketing strategies because it offers leading open-rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates. It's not just pixels on a screen; it's an opportunity to engage directly with your customers or potential customers who have shown outright interest in your brand. Newsletters allow you to tell a story, connecting your brand with the festive season and showcasing exclusive deals or previews that encourage conversions from already interested audiences. They serve as a practical canvas for sharing visuals and information. Beyond promotions, newsletters help build a community around your brand, creating a relationship that goes beyond transactions. With each newsletter, you're not just marketing; you're making your brand a part of your audience's holiday experience.

Gift Guide 

A digital gift guide for holiday marketing is a strategic move. It's a practical and visually engaging tool that streamlines the holiday shopping experience for your audience. A well-crafted digital gift guide not only showcases your product range but also offers curated solutions for diverse preferences and occasions. Whether through sponsored social media posts, direct email marketing, or organic website features, company-branded gift guides are a highly effective and engaging way to boost brand awareness and generate sales during the holidays because they cater to the diverse preferences of your customer base and can help them sift through thousands of products they see everyday to find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday shopping list.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool, offering a dynamic approach to engaging with your audience. Whether you're aiming for organic reach or investing in paid campaigns, video content has the potential to captivate viewers instantly. Crafting organic content that features tutorials or showcases your products in action is an effective way to grab attention and build a connection with your audience. The appeal of video lies in its versatility — you can convey messages through various elements simultaneously. From incorporating festive designs to on-screen text, captions, and strategically timed pop-ups, videos provide a rich canvas for conveying information which allows ample opportunity for you to connect with viewers. The dynamic nature of videos creates multiple channels for viewers to connect, click, or remember for later. Embracing video marketing during the holiday season allows you to infuse festive themes into your content, sharing it across social media platforms and your website. Additionally, leveraging ads on platforms like YouTube or Meta enhances your reach, ensuring your compelling video content resonates with a broader audience and leaves a lasting impression during the festive rush.

Promotions & Flash Sales

The holidays are marked by a series of important shopping days, which are especially important for both brick and mortar stores and e-commerce websites. Promotions related to various days and events are key to capturing interest. By running black friday promos or boxing day sales you can build anticipation and send more prospective customers to your website or stores. It’s helpful to plan your promotions ahead of time and schedule marketing materials that align. Flash sales are a great way to generate impulse purchases because a limited time offer increases FOMO (fear of missing out) which creates a sense of urgency, this helps turn contemplative shoppers into customers. Holiday-specific promotions can be mentioned organically on social media, and enhanced with countdowns and event pages. It can also be sent out directly via email so your target customers will receive a notification. 

Make an Impression & Get Creative with Xi Digital

The key to successful marketing online is creativity and strategy. At Xi Digital, we blend both aspects to deliver tailored strategies that work for your business. If you’d like to make the most of the holidays with digital marketing, from social media to search engine optimization and paid ads, contact us today to get started. 

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