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Website Development and Website Design are two terms that are often interchangeable. But what many people are unaware of is that these two services are actually fundamentally different when it comes to building a website. You’re probably wondering what exactly is the difference between the two. There’s a reason our web design agency prefers creating custom websites from scratch. With most projects, we usually implement both website design and website development techniques, so it’s important for potential clients to understand the difference between the two.

What is Website Design?

Web design involves the graphical look and feel of a website, the layouts - where everything is placed, the colour themes, the graphics and images, the font type and size for the textual content, and anything else related to the visitor’s experience and interaction with the site from a visual perspective. Our creative and proficient design team will always provide you with a unique design that stands out. You won't have to worry about blending in with your competitors.

What is Website Development?

In order to bring the website designs to life, our team of expert web developers will program them (via software applications or coding languages) so that users can properly interact with and use the programmed website. We want to see your business succeed! Regardless of the type of business you own, you will need a fully functioning website in order for people to use it properly so that it can benefit your organization. 

Custom website design development process

Front End vs Back End

Another confusion when building a website is in distinguishing between the Front End and Back End of a site. But don’t worry, we’re here to help clear things up. The website the public sees and interacts with is called the Front End, while the system the business admins interact with by adding or editing content is called the Back End.

Web Development and Design with Xi Digital

Our experienced and well-versed team consists of graphic designers, front-end/back-end + full-stack developers, digital marketing strategists, copywriters & content creators, SEO and PPC specialists that work in harmony under the direction of the founders of our web development and web design agency in Toronto.

Although web design and web development are different, our team is well-trained and equipped to do both. First and foremost we design a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, effective, on-brand front end. While also creating highly functional back-end systems to not only help business owners maintain their own websites but also potentially integrate with many other online and retail systems and software applications. We are dedicated to providing you with forward thinking web design and web development services and a customer service experience that you will be very happy with.

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