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Context + Challenges

Rose Building Group is a high-end residential renovation and construction company operating in South Western Ontario that came to Xi Digital in the summer of 2019 concerned about the number of leads they were receiving as well as the quality of those leads. Upon approaching the Xi Digital team, Rose Building Group was leveraging some traditional marketing strategies and generating a significant portion of their new business from word-of-mouth marketing. 

Ultimately, a lackluster/antiquated WordPress website, a fruitless marketing strategy, and a looming pandemic made it difficult for Rose Building Group to reach and resonate with their ideal customers, despite high-level service offerings. As a result, Rose Building Group turned to Xi Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency that understood the importance of connecting clients with a relevant customer base. 


Xi Digital devised a customized digital plan to get Rose Building Group where they needed to be in order to generate the leads they were after, especially in the Hamilton, Burlington, and Niagara regions. Starting with a website revamp, followed by PPC marketing (Google Ads), then SEO, the new digital marketing strategy would effectively facilitate lead generation, improve the quality of leads, and refine brand messaging. In September 2019, the web development team at Xi Digital developed a strong foundation with a totally unique, Juicebox powered website featuring a new user-friendly design and refined content that would retain visitors and enhance digital marketing efforts that followed.


The first order of business was creating a custom and dynamic website that would compel visitors and serve as a strong foundation for future digital marketing strategies. In September of 2019, Xi Digital worked alongside Rose Building Group to design a unique user-friendly website and refined customer-centric content that would better engage visitors, drive organic traffic, and convey Rose Building Group’s caliber of work. 

Prominently featured reviews and easy-to-access project galleries included in the newly designed website allowed visitors to easily access and assess photos of completed projects which effectively showcased Rose Building Group’s quality of work, encouraging conversions.

The New Website Also Included: 

  • Strategically positioned Call to Actions
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Enhanced Backend Functionality 

Rose Building on Mobile

Paid Advertising

Shortly after launching the revamped website, Xi Digital and Rose Building Group turned their attention to PPC Marketing. For Rose Building Group’s Ads campaign to successfully generate the appropriate business, it was critical that Xi Digital target a specific market of searchers in South Western Ontario looking for renovation services that matched the excellent work and pricing of Rose Building Group’s offerings. From strategic keyword research and analyzing lifestyle filters, to writing meaningful copy and selecting the perfect postal codes, Xi Digital devoted extensive research into curating Ads that would impact the right group of Internet users, compensating for the sales Rose Building Group had previously missed out on.

With paid strategies in play, Rose Building Group quickly saw a return on investment. By 2021, Rose Building Group’s paid advertising campaigns were so refined and well-optimized, that conversions increased by 10% without any additional ad spend. 

Using PPC Marketing Services From Xi Digital, Rose Building Group was able to: 

  • Reduce cost per conversion 26.9%
  • Increase conversions 24%
  • Boost Click-through rate by 45%

The Pandemic

The Pandemic 

The new website and PPC strategy proved valuable for Rose Building Group. However, in March of 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented change to the home services industry, leaving many businesses unsure how to stay busy in an unpredictable marketplace. At this point, the concern for Rose Building Group would be getting potential customers to trust their company and drum up business minding the interference of fluctuating lockdowns and restrictions. 

Understanding the critical importance of Rose Building Group’s commitment to safe health practices such as the use of PPE and social distancing, Xi Digital modified Rose Building Group’s Brand messaging. Xi Digital quickly updated Rose Building Group’s website to centrally display a pop-up that greeted visitors with their COVID-19 response and protocols. With trust between customers and service providers being of the utmost importance, Xi Digital ensured that certified 5-star reviews and trust badges from reputable home service organizations were positioned prominently to promote customer confidence. As a result, Rose Building Group remains a top-performing renovation company in South Western Ontario.

Performance during Ontario’s pandemic lockdowns:


  • 46% increased Click Through Rate on Ads
  • 30% reduction in Cost-Per-Click 


  • 73% increase in Organic Traffic 
  • 115% Increase in Organic Conversions

Search Engine Optimization for Rose Building

Search Engine Optimization

With consistent positive performance despite a global pandemic, Rose Building Group was happy with their Ads results. As a result, Xi Digital recommended introducing Search Engine Optimization services (organic rankings) to the mix. By February 2021, Rose Building Group was ready for Xi Digital to get started for them with a long-term organic strategy. Since Rose Building Group’s new Juicebox website was already well-performing and search engine optimized, Xi Digital quickly established a comprehensive SEO strategy that enabled organic momentum. Since starting the SEO strategy, Rose Building Group has seen impressive improvement of competitive organic keyphrases and many more organic leads.

Since leveraging search engine optimization services from Xi Digital, Rose Building Group saw:

By 2022, Xi Digital expects that Rose Building Group’s SEO efforts will be self-sustaining and highly profitable. Valuable keyphrases and authoritative content will funnel relevant search engine traffic to the Rose Building Group website and convert. As a result, Rose Building Group will be able to reduce their ad spend without compromising lead generation or “bottom line” so it will cost them money less to receive more business, which is what we are all about at Xi Digital. 

Digital Marketing with Xi Digital

At Xi Digital, our team builds multi-purpose digital marketing plans that are focused on agility and delivering in accordance to customer expectations. 

As the internet changes, industries adapt, and the world around us remains in flux, businesses new and old can count on Xi Digital to amplify their growth. 

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