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Unleashing Your Full Growth Potential Online With Video Marketing

Are you looking to boost your appeal to target customers? Connect with customers using professional video production services that sell.

You can extend your reach, improve engagement, increase sales, and grow your business when you use high-quality, professional videos for your website, social media marketing, and paid advertising. Videos are more powerful online than ever. When you work with a proven video production company, you can harness that power to boost your brand.

Studies show that dynamic videos boost the results of online marketing efforts across every platform from your website, social media, and online listings. Videos increase audience sizes, viewer engagement, and ultimately more sales to help grow your bottom line.

Grow Revenue 49% Faster With Professional Videos For Your Website

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Get Customers to Recognize Your Business

Videos establish a brand identity by engaging viewers with information about your business or organization. The more multimedia in your online presence, the more your brand will be promoted on high-traffic websites and search engines, keeping relevant audiences remembering you when it's time to convert.


With over 2 billion active users, Youtube is the second most popular website and search engine globally, making it an ideal platform to market your business, and you can't do that without videos. With the support of a video production company, you can create quick ads that play before other videos or upload long-form videos to your profile where you can be discovered by relevant audiences.


Use videos that show your products, dive into your services, or explain your brand and feature them prominently on your homepage, product shops, or service pages to keep customers interested and returning to your website.

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Video is becoming the media of choice on social platforms. Some of the most trendy platforms like TikTok and Snapchat and the long-standing classics (Facebook, Instagram) use their algorithms to keep videos on feeds longer, even enabling repeat views, unlike traditional photo or text posts. When you build videos for your website, you can cost-effectively repurpose them for social media.


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Not Sure How You Can Use a Video?

Video is the preferred digital medium for a reason. With the rise of e-commerce, online shoppers are looking for more insight into businesses and service providers. Tutorials, testimonials, ads, and presentations all enhance the digital search experience. These videos build credibility and enable conversions by allowing potential customers to better experience products and services more intricately when viewing online.

When it comes to videos, the options are endless, and the growth is constant.

Selling a product? Create a video that shows it in use.
Selling a service? Share a testimonial video of your happy customers.

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Product Demonstration



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Company Culture



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Ads: Create short, engaging videos that entice viewers to do business with your company. Focusing on your products or service offerings that can be used on virtually any platform will leave viewers ready to pick up the phone, complete an order online, or sign up for more.

Explainers: Offer a complex, comprehensive, or unique product or service? Break down your offering with a branded explainer video that gives viewers insight into how your business can enhance their lives. Explainers are great for websites, Youtube channels, and social media platforms because they capture the interest of potential customers and build trust.

Product Demonstration: Overcome the hesitation of online shopping with product demonstrations that allow customers to picture how products will work in their own hands by seeing them in use through a video. Show off the perks of your product compared to others like it and enable more sales.

Testimonials: Harness the power of word-of-mouth with video testimonials of happy customers. While written reviews are influential, video testimonials take the impact up a notch allowing potential customers to see a person like them love your product or service offering, accessing the benefits they hope to receive as well. You can leverage testimonial videos for social media marketing, your custom website design, PPC marketing and paid advertising or anywhere else you'd like.

Company Culture: Now more than ever, a relatable and positive company culture influences your customers' buying decisions. Use video production to establish your brand as a company people can relate to and feel comfortable doing business. By shining a light on the inner workings of your team, you are enabling comfort, trust, and transparency - which customers love.

There are endless ways to leverage video production to promote your brand, from behind-the-scenes videos and tutorials to employee spotlights.
If you want to do it, we'll develop it.

Get Ahead of The Competition.

Develop high-impact videos from concept to storyboard, script, and development with Xi Digital. When you work with Xi Digital, we tailor our approach to your video using consumer insights and industry competitors, trends, market research to maximize its long-term effectiveness and overall success.

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Increase Your Digital Marketing ROI with Videos

Businesses using videos for their marketing see up to 49% more growth than non-video users.

Accelerate your digital marketing results with proven video marketing strategies that work to establish a strong brand presence, grow search engine rankings, and cover even more leads online. When you work with a full-service digital marketing agency, you can use high-quality custom videos for all of our digital marketing services: PPC Marketing, On-Site Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing.



video production services

Our Video Production Services

Script Writing: Using highly trained writers and an in-depth understanding of your business, industry, and competitors, we will write targeted scripts designed to convert viewers into customers.

On-Location Shooting: It's your video for your company, and we will bring our video production team on-site to you or to your project locations. Don't stress about the logistics. Our video production team will go wherever your business needs us to: showrooms, offices, installation sites. You can count on Xi Digital to get all the “money shots”.



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SEO For Promotional Video Production

Need to rank higher on Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo or other popular search engines?

Video SEO is the answer.


The more people watch, link, share or engage with your videos connected to your website or online profiles, the more recognition and authority your brand will be given by search engines like Google. When you use a professional video production company and a digital marketing agency like Xi Digital, you can reap the benefits of a more powerful online presence.

SEO for promotional video production will amplify the impact of your digital marketing materials to maximize their success from the moment they’re published. Using our search engine optimization services you can cast a wider net and capture more qualified leads.

Amplify Your Growth with Professional Video Development

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The Importance of Video Marketing in 2021

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, the importance and relevance of videos for digital marketing became more apparent than ever. Studies find that people are 2 times more likely to make a purchase after viewing it in a product video. With consumers confined to their homes and unable to access brick and mortar stores, videos allowed online shoppers to interact with products virtually to better assess whether it would be a good fit.


Working With Xi Digital

At Xi Digital, we provide a full range of digital marketing services so you can develop an effective and successful marketing strategy that increases leads and turns them into spending customers. Learn more about how our custom video production services can boost your digital marketing strategy.



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