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Hopefully you'll be working closely with us, so you might want to know a thing or two about who we are. We are a digital marketing and web development agency – in a nutshell, we help businesses grow using mainly internet and mobile digital technology but that's just a high level view of what we do.

Scratch the record - you’ve read so much of it before that you think you know what to expect with us – that we love all things Google and that we’re geeks who will help you slay the search engine giant so you can dominate the market… blah blah blah! We are Google Partners, and among the the top performers in Canada, and we hold a variety of certifications, and it’s true that we seek to leverage all things Google to help our clients in every way possible, but we can’t say that’s who we are either.

So Who Are We?

The founders of our firm each started their work lives at other companies in other fields and were attracted to internet marketing and web development by the immense gravitational force of this new field (new at the time). One was into music, gaming and all things digital, and the other a serial entrepreneur, DJ & marketing professional (more about them on the team page). Xi started off mainly as a web design and development company and quickly grew into a full service internet marketing firm providing consulting, implementation, and day-to-day digital marketing partner services to top notch companies.

Our clients have ranged from solopreneurs (one-person empires, mom & pop shops) to large publicly traded corporations. We are a group of down to earth, unique, smart, real and well-rounded, business growth oriented people who care about doing great work that makes a difference, work that gets appreciated and rewarded, work that challenges us to learn, grow and improve, work that matters. (Take a look at our internal team.)

We continually learn from each other, we learn together and we grow together to offer the market something it desperately needs: a team that provides consistent, reliable, trustable results in digital marketing while making you feel that you are a valued client who matters. If you want to be cared about, and served by people who care about you, your business, your team, your clients, then reach out to us and let’s connect. (Learn more about working with us.)

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Manifesto & Guiding Principles

Mission: Commitment to help 1,000+ Canadian businesses thrive & flourish - professionally & personally.

Our Values: Client care, quality, integrity, teamwork & family, respect, good citizenship / humanity, progress/improvement/evolution, accountability, honesty, clarity (no bs), fun, loyalty, growth, creativity/intelligence, optimism, determination.

Lifelong Learning, Growth & Improvement: We all show care and commitment to learning, to personal and professional growth, and to continual improvement and innovation in every area that matters to us and our clients.

Always Adding Value: Value is getting more than what you paid for or could do for yourself – it becomes a worthwhile exchange. We practice this as a guiding principle – to add value to anything we touch or come across. It means taking responsibility and ownership to add your special touch to anything you come across in the organization.

Sophisticated Simplicity: The art of improving systems, processes, tasks by making them simpler and simpler to the point of sophistication, which shows true understanding and mastery.

Nurture Trust: Forming the foundation of all successful relationships – personal or professional – always striving to foster and develop trust and avoiding negativity.

Commitment to Service Excellence: We believe our clients deserve to be treated and served at the highest level of care and appreciation possible. We strive to make a positive difference through our commitment to excellence. 

Open Minded Optimism: “No one knows enough to be a pessimist” - Wayne Dyer. Developing optimism and open mindedness promotes the development/generation of creative solutions and new possibilities. There is always a way and we will find it. Stick with us!

We Are a TEAM: A work family, a group of people who respect, appreciate, trust each other, and help each other succeed. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” - Abraham Lincoln.

Bring the FUN: Work isn’t a prison sentence and a punishment for being a responsible adult. It’s an opportunity to bring your best gifts to the service of others, to create engagement, fulfillment and enjoyment.

Integrity: Character, values, knowing and doing what’s right, living and serving virtuously, owning up to and learning from mistakes.



  • Your business will grow
  • You'll like us
  • You'll trust us
  • You'll have peace of mind
  • You'll find us easy to work with
  • Always driving growth
  • Fast team
  • We'll lead the way
  • Feel respected and cared for
  • Satisfaction
  • Collaboration

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