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In 2019, Fieldmasters came to Xi Digital from Rogers Outrank, a communications conglomerate that developed a largescale digital marketing service with offices nation-wide. Despite Rogers Outranks’ size, funding, and prominence, Fieldmasters approached Xi Digital concerned about the performance of their website and the effectiveness of their current digital marketing strategy. In a preliminary analysis of their website, Xi Digital quickly discovered that, in spite of a quality product, exceptional workmanship, and high demand, Fieldmasters’ website was not gaining enough momentum online.

One of the most troubling oversights of Fieldmasters’ initial website was that the landing pages used for their digital marketing were hosted on URLs belonging to Rogers Outrank therefore, they were not contributing to the online success of the actual website belonging to Fieldmasters. So both earned and paid traffic were not being directed to the correct website, and not assisting with any growth for the company owned website. We knew that Fieldmasters was also not generating the number of leads they could have been, which meant that they were missing out on many potential sales opportunities. As the market became increasingly saturated with competing turf landscape design companies, Fieldmasters needed a robust and comprehensive strategy that could increase their website traffic and conversions/leads to significantly boost brand awareness and help them land the projects they deserve.

So, in 2019, Fieldmasters handed the reins over to the Xi Digital team who quickly designed and executed a custom digital plan that liberated Fieldmasters from the shackles of an underperforming website and a lacklustre digital marketing strategy. And, by the second year of working with Xi Digital, Fieldmasters had not doubled, but more than quadrupled their business!


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How Did We Do It?

The first order of business was for Xi Digital to take control of Fieldmasters’ Google Ads Campaigns away from Rogers Outrank. Then, together with our Google Partner team, we devised a smart and aggressive Google Ads Strategy, which included both search marketing and remarketing campaigns. Once Fieldmasters saw the fast and impressive results of the Ads, they quickly entrusted the Xi Digital team with management of their Organic and Social Media strategies as well. The final piece of the puzzle was migrating Fieldmasters from a generic WordPress template-based platform to a custom and responsive Juicebox website by Xi Digital. This move enabled Fieldmasters’ enhanced digital marketing power to be harnessed to the right domain creating digital growth at a fast pace.

As part of our process, we also…

  • Closely analyzed industry specific search trends to develop a custom keyword strategy tailored specifically to Fieldmasters that would help them rise above competitors in Search Rankings.
  • Reimagined Fieldmasters’ entire digital strategy using science, strategy, and expertise of the turf and landscape industry.
  • Revitalized the Fieldmasters website to drastically enhance user experience by creating a much more impressive design, better functionality, improved navigation, and full mobile optimization.
  • Aligned content, goals, and deliverables of SEO, Ads, and Social strategies to quickly amplify Fieldmasters’ visibility, brand awareness, and overall digital footprint. 


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