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Google's Moving To Mobile First Design Are You Ready?

Whether you're an avid mobile device user or a technophobe, it's impossible to be unaware of the impact mobile devices have had on our ever-evolving digital world. Almost everyone in Canada uses at least one mobile device, and nearly 23-million Canadians use their mobile device to go online, making it absolutely essential for every business to have a website that works well on smartphones (mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive). The mobil-ization of the web will continue to progress as we continue towards the future and it's already having a hefty impact on your search engine rankings as well Xi Digital websites are built for every platform: desktops, laptops, tablets, and of course smartphones and other mobile devices.

What Is A Mobile-Responsive Website?

A mobile responsive website takes into account the smaller screensize, the layout, and the touchscreen functionality (vs. use of a mouse) of mobile devices. The website layout morphs to the most useable and friendly version based on the changing screen size, so usability and navigation are enhanced for consumers browsing the web from their mobile devices.

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Key Factors Consumers Look For In A Mobile Website:

Speed. In fact, 61% of mobile users redirect their search to a competitor’s website when load time is not fast enough.

Visually appealing web design. A beautiful website is essential for user engagement, but what looks visually stunning on a computer will not look the same on a phone. Our mobile-optimized websites are built to incorporate user friendly functionality, clean and properly formatted content, strong visual appeal, the fastest speeds, and of course, ease of navigation.

Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?

Accessibility. One of the biggest website ranking factors (search engine optimization service) is mobile responsiveness. Having a website developed with a mobile interface is proven to rank higher in search results than competition that is not mobile responsive. More than 52% of online traffic is through mobile devices, meaning it is extremely likely a consumer searching for the services you provide searching from their smartphone. Will your business be found?

Consumer Reach. Since websites that are mobile optimized are favored by Google, they rank higher on Google than competitors. A higher ranking on Google means more consumers will see your website, which in turn will drive more traffic to your website.

User-Friendly. Let’s face it: We’re evolving towards a mobile-based future. If a consumer visits a website with poor mobile navigation, you are likely to be navigated away from. 80% of users will not engage with a site that was not mobile responsive.

Have a look at some of our clients’ websites in our portfolio – you will see the desktop/laptop version and next to it a sample of the mobile version. The mobile version isn’t simply a duplicate of the desktop version – many factors have been customized to suit a mobile device, such as a click to call button, the elimination of hover effects that only work on a computer, and the appearance of the ‘hamburger’ menu are just a few examples.

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