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How Xi’s Custom Content Management System Benefits Your Business

XI Digital is proud to offer Juicebox, our proprietary cutting edge custom website management system, to our clients. With 14+ years of continuous development behind it, Juicebox is a superior website management system that offers an easy, intuitive and enjoyable experience in keeping your website (or application) up to date.

Developed and perfected by XI Digital, the highly-advanced Juicebox system allows website owners to enjoy full control of their website or application content at all times through simplicity of management and easily adjustable navigation menus.



Security - Due to its advanced software, Juicebox offers unbeatable security and protects against external malware, platform attacks, and internal hacking. Unlike most content management systems, all website-specific mechanisms are implemented by XI Digital developers ALONE, without the threats and vulnerability issues that arise from third-party plug-ins.

Speed - Juicebox websites are custom-designed around your business needs exactly. This ensures your website will not get weighed down by unnecessary built-in mechanisms or redundant coding. Speed is a very important aspect of a website’s ability to rank higher on Google in addition to greatly improving user experience. A light website is a fast website! A fast website is a lucrative competitor. Juicebox offers very fast speeds because of how it's engineered.

Flexibility - When functionality is called into question, Juicebox is ready to answer. Your Juicebox CMS platform is custom created to function around your company’s needs. We believe that when we build a website or application, there is no “one size fits all”. We develop and design your custom website and content management system the same way - custom tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Simplicity - The term content management system may sound complex and intimidating, and when dealing with template-based website management systems it can be. Juicebox, however, redefines simplicity with its unparalleled user friendly interface. Juicebox allows you to access and update website or application content at ease and quickly. Administrators simply login to their Juicebox account, easily navigate to the section of their website or application, make the edits, and save. This allows you to always be in charge of your content. With Juicebox, there is no gatekeeping on our end. You are in full control.

Maintenance - One of the best features of theJuicebox custom content management system is that there is virtually no maintenance. With other content management systems, there are constant updates, issues with third-party plugins, plug-in compatibility failures, and a myriad of other concerns. Since Juicebox functionality tools exist within its own unified platform, these concerns are non-existent.

Warranty - Xi Digital offers a lifetime warranty on your custom website and Juicebox content management system. In the rare case of an issue arising, we will happily fix it fast and free of charge.


The team at Xi Digital are selected for their expertise in custom website development, custom web design, and search engine optimization. Xi reinvents the idea of content management with our Juicebox CMS. Juicebox gives business owners the piece of mind they need so they can focus on growing their business.

Juicebox Goes Wherever You Go

When you develop a custom Juicebox website, it’s yours forever with no strings attached. No matter how much your business grows or where it takes you. 

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