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Context + Challenges

Dr. Joey Shulman began her weight loss brand “Shulman Weight Loss” in 2010. She developed an incredible weight loss program, but was experiencing difficulty marketing her service and generating consistent business from the web. Acknowledging the opportunity to develop a strong web presence for her brand, Dr. Joey came to Xi Digital seeking assistance with digital marketing strategy.

She presented the following issues:

  • Unestablished service
  • Inferior website design unrepresentative of said brand
  • No mobile optimization
  • Poor functionality of website


We delved into the project confidently. The innovative strategies of our digital team produced the following solutions:

  • Redesigned ecommerce, mobile-optimized website
  • Search-engine optimization of website
  • Re-branded Shulman Clinic to appeal to targeted demographic
  • Rebuilt and redesigned website for service additions and adapted brand throughout business growth
  • Designed and developed a native mobile application to track and support the progress of existing and potential clients


Through the incorporation of Xi’s digital marketing strategies with Dr. Joey’s incredible weight loss program, she was able to grow her business from an unrecognizable brand to a multimillion dollar industry with over 10,000 clients. Her website is the #1 result in a Google search for a weight loss clinic in the Toronto/GTA areas. Dr. Joey eventually grew her business to the extent of acquisition of a partner in order to support development and marketing of Skinny Chews, a dietetic snack she created as an offset of her success. She made an appearance on Dragon’s Den and accepted a deal with the highly successful Arlene Dickinson.

Arlene even offered Joey her own digital marketing services (she owns her own firm), but Dr. Joey refused the offer to continue working with Xi Digital. The team at Xi Digital designed and optimized the website for Skinny Chews, which grew sales by over 400% between 2013-2017.

This is now our 10th year working with Joey. Throughout the years, we have assisted her branding technique, created and altered her website with the provisions in the digital atmosphere as well as expansion of her services. Our team also developed a highly successful and innovative Shulman Weight Loss “Weight Trakker: mobile application to support her business. It is incredible to have been her digital partner throughout her evolution and to have watched her become a renowned celebrity in weight loss expertise and healthy lifestyle inspiration.


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