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Social media consists of the websites and mobile apps that facilitate connection and engagement between users. Essentially, these are the online platforms that enable users to share messages, photos, videos, reviews, comments, opinions, news, stories and events with each other. As you are probably aware, the dominance and influence of social media continues to grow tremendously, transforming people’s lives and businesses, and as a result, how marketing is done.

Why is it important?

In 2017, 22.69 million Canadians were active users of social networks. By 2022, this number will continue to increase, with an estimated 24.09 million active users. Clearly, this is the way that the majority of people are engaging with each other, so it’s in the best interest of a business to develop and grow its social media presence and engagement with its existing and potential customers.

Social media may just be the most effective tool to connect with your consumers:

  • Be approachable and personable
  • Build strong relationship with customers
  • Get an insight of brand reputation on consumers’ end
  • Hold a reputable brand front to represent your image, mission, story, goods and services
  • Learn how to beat competitors
  • Read about YouTube Marketing & how to increase conversions

Social Media Marketing Statistics

With a properly developed and managed social media strategy, a business can amplify its results, improve its SEO, get more traffic, and ultimately get more sales!

Needless to say, before your sales increase, more people need to know about you and trust you. That is where our social media services comes in, we connect your business with the right people in a professional and service-oriented manner. With our social media strategies, we will build your community of followers, likers, sharers, engagers, and affiliates. Countless businesses have already incorporated social media in their marketing strategies; keeping up with modern trends and staying in close touch with both customers and potential leads. With a consistent and proper social media approach that suits your industry and target audience, nearly any business can generate worthwhile results.

The Benefits for Your Business:

  • Connecting you on a more personal level with your core audience
  • Boosting and leveraging your content marketing strategy
  • Informing, educating and supporting your market
  • Staying top of mind and relevant to existing customers (and potential ones)
  • Outshining market competition and increasing brand awareness
  • Reaching new prospects
  • Evolving and growing with market trends


As a leading social media marketing agency Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve seen the impact of social media marketing on our clients’ businesses. We’ve worked very hard and meticulously to hand-pick each of our social media management experts. Our skilled team members are extremely loyal to growing your business through multiple social media avenues.

Through committed engagement, constant communication, and timely management, our social media team will build a loyal and engaged audience for you, paving the way to increased sales, repeat business and many referrals. To differentiate ourselves from a slew of social media marketing agencies Toronto, we’ve created and refined an approach to thoroughly understand your brand and the way you want to be seen and heard by your market. We know that every brand needs its own unique and authentic tone of voice, so you can be sure that we will carefully analyze and plan the most appropriate approach for the public perception of your business. We pay attention to detail, and work closely with you to tailor the best social media strategy for your business.

A highlight of our services:

  • Social Media Phone Consultation
  • Social Media Channel Setup
  • On Site Photography
  • Social Media Campaign Creation & Management
  • Existing Social Media Strategy Audit
  • Content Calendar Creation
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • Organic Channel Growth
  • Paid Channel Growth
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Weekly Posts Across All Social Media Channels Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and more
  • Monthly Social Media Report Blog Posts Contest and Giveaway Management Email Campaigns
  • Monitoring of All Posts & Feedback
  • Social Media Influencer Marketing Implementation & Management
  • Video Marketing Campaigns

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