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Context + Challenges

Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs has been a long-time marketing client of Xi Digital. When they started with us, we primarily managed their PPC campaigns, before they entrusted us with their SEO.

As part of these marketing efforts, we had to get involved in their existing website and content management system, which was Joomla!-based, and we discovered a number of platform quirks that created limitations to what we could do for Seaway. We eventually helped them transition to a better template website solution, and continued to develop new digital campaigns and high-converting landing pages for them creating a website hybrid.

In later 2018, Seaway began to rethink their product offerings to include more product/service categories, with the goal of taking on more full backyard renovations, in addition to swimming pool installations and hot tubs such as high end and professional barbeques.

To accommodate the new, more robust product offerings, Seaway required a more powerful content management system than their existing website offered. They made the decision to build their new website on Xi Digital’s proprietary CMS, Juicebox, trusting us with creating and developing an entirely redesigned custom website that would attract more business.

In addition to strategically designing and developing a more impressive and more effective website, our mission was to not only maintain their successful organic search rankings but to also further improve their digital footprint. 

Xi Digital has helped several clients who came to us to rescue or resuscitate their search rankings after making a similar switch with other companies. We are always careful to take every necessary precaution when relaunching a client’s website on a new platform with a new design and new elements. Our team has the knowledge and experience to implement such a delicate procedure in the smartest way to ensure positive results.

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Once the website redesign was complete, we needed to make sure it ranked for the new product and service offerings, while maintaining/improving exposure and rankings for what we had already been working on for them.

Without releasing the secret to the Caramilk bar, we can share that we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy to successfully complete our mission. We added optimized content around their new products and services and put it all in front of their targeted audience by optimizing backend and frontend elements and creating a monthly content marketing program for a truly user-focused digital marketing campaign.

This included:

  • Intense keyword and competition research and analysis to identify and go after high volume related search terms
  • Optimizing the website’s tag strategy with the targeted search terms
  • Revising existing frontend content for improved SEO quality
  • Ensuring all existing and new content included conversion-optimized layouts, forms, and calls-to-action
  • Ongoing building of an aggressive backlink profile of high-quality, high-authority links pointing to the new Seaway website
  • Ongoing creation of fresh, user-focused content for both website and off-page efforts, which helps to boost the client’s online authority and rankings on search engines. 


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