Graphic Design goes into all of our web design and development work but that’s not exactly the service we’re talking about here. So let’s start with Branding.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Paul Rand


Brand Identity plays a vital role driving the success of a business. Developing a strong and resonant brand identity is essential to connecting with your potential customers in the digital marketplace.

Part of our marketing consulting work is to help companies develop and get very clear about their Vision, Values, Mission, Core Marketing Message, Ultimate Value Proposition and Slogan. Once we’re clear on those fundamental and foundational marketing components, we can start to develop the visual components including the Logo, which is the foundation of your brand. (Did you know that the source/root of the word Logo is Logos, which literally means ‘meaning’!) Your Logo should be symbolic of the meaning you want to be communicated to your potential customers.

Your Brand is what differentiates you from the sea of competitors in your marketplace. It’s how you’ll stand out and how you want to be known. It stands as a promise of what you’ll deliver. Everything with your logo and tag-line or slogan communicates your brand, and how you plan to spread the word about your brand is your brand strategy.


With a Brand Identity established, our team of expert graphic designers can get to work communicating your brand’s message through meaningful, coherent and impressive graphics, photos, website layouts, landing pages, typography, business stationery, signage, advertisements and more.

Have a look at some of our work! If you like it, then chances are extremely high that you'll love working with us.

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