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The first thing you’re probably wondering is what’s the difference, or is there a difference, between web design and web development. Let’s get that straightened out before we share what custom web development is and why we only design and develop custom websites from scratch.

From our years of experience, it doesn’t matter what things are actually called or what we at Xi Digital Toronto call them. What matters is what our potential clients think they’re called. To help simplify things, web design has to do with the graphical look and feel of a website, the layouts - where everything is placed, the color themes, the graphics and pictures, the font type and size, all things relating to the visitor’s experience and interaction with the site from a visual perspective.

Bringing that web design to life, in a way that people can interact with it online is called web development and it’s done essentially through coding (via software applications or coding languages). At the end of the day, most business owners need a fully functioning website and they usually say web designer when they mean web designer and developer.

One more point of clarification – the website the public sees and interacts with is called the Front End and the system the business owner interacts with to add or edit content is called the Back End. All that to say that we do both front end web design and development, and we also create highly functional back-end systems to not only help business owners maintain their own websites, but also potentially integrate with many other online and retail systems and software applications.

Our team consists of graphic designers, front-end/back-end + full-stack developers, digital marketing strategists, copywriters & content creators, SEO and PPC consultants and specialists working in harmony under the direction of our founder and main developer, Boris Terekidi.

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In terms of the front-end, we only create Custom Web Designs. That is, we don’t purchase pre-made templates or themes, try to fit your company or brand into the design, and then sell that work as our own. Using all of our team’s combined talents, we design attractive, effective, engaging websites that get results.

Most of our custom websites leverage our proprietary, secure, and easy-to-use back-end interface or content management system, which we call JuiceBox. Some, however, integrate with a client’s pre-existing back-end system/s, which most ‘web design’ firms don’t have proficiency in.

These days, many clients come to us with existing websites built using a pre-made theme on WordPress, using a variety of plugins (add-on functionality) made by different plugin authors, which may have looked nice and functioned as per specifications when it originally launched but then the house of cards came crashing down. One simple program update of WordPress or a plugin and either the front-end looked terrible or worse wasn’t accessible, or the backend didn’t work, or a combination of all three. Just so you know, we have nothing against WordPress and many of our clients use it for the blogging functionality – and our Custom Websites integrate with them flawlessly.

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