How to Adapt to Google's Remarketing Changes

Xi Digital Published on 21 Mar

Google is Changing Yet Again! Are You Ready to Adjust Your Strategy? 

Did you know that Remarketing Ads Can Perform Approximately 10 Times Better than the Traditional Display Ads?

Google and Meta (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), are changing the rules of remarketing. The shift away from 3rd party data collected from cookies is being made in an effort to enhance user privacy. This will force even the best digital marketing agencies and online businesses to adjust their strategy to reap the many benefits of remarketing ads. 

This valuable type of online ad is a highly powerful tool that can drastically improve brand awareness, conversions, and return on investment.

PPC MarketingTraditionally remarketing has been a highly effective form of online PPC advertising (pay-per-click advertising) that focuses on targeting potential customers who have already engaged with your brand by clicking on an ad previously or visiting your website. 

Because of its unique ability to reach interested parties, remarketing offers many benefits to businesses competing online, including: 

  • Higher conversion rates 
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved audience engagement
  • More website traffic 
  • Better ROI

Why Are the Rules of Remarketing Changing?

Previously, website cookies were responsible for collecting the 3rd party data necessary to run these powerful ads. With new privacy practices in place, visitors who engage with a brand must now explicitly consent to receive marketing. 

To meet the new requirements and regulations set out by Google, businesses must adjust how contact data for ads are collected. 

What Does This Mean for Remarketing Strategies? 

  • Audiences: With more barriers in place for collecting relevant data, collecting contact lists will become more challenging as more users are given the opportunity to opt out. While existing lists remain available, they may reduce in size. The good news is that those who stay opted in for tracking and marketing from your brand are high-quality leads, likely to covert. 
  • Segmentation: Traditionally, third-party data gave marketers insight into user demographics like age, interests, gender, and income that would allow marketers to sort through and segment groups that would be suited to receive ads. However, if users agree to provide that information, segmentation will become available for marketers to leverage. 
  • Tracking: While marketers will be able to effectively track conversions from online ads, they will no longer be able to follow the buyer journey in detail and analyze exactly which platform was the source of a conversion. 

How to Maintain a Strong Remarketing Campaign After these Changes are Rolled Out? 

  • Build a Strong Email List 
  • Put a Cookies Pop Up on Your Website
  • Strengthen Content Marketing
  • Introduce Video Content

Navigate Your Ads Campaigns with the Team at Xi Digital

Despite its many benefits, developing and running ads on Google and other digital platforms can be understandably complicated. Seize the rewards of high-performing ads with the help of the experts and Google Partners at Xi Digital. 

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