Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Xi Digital Published on 25 Sep

digital computerAs we are slowly approaching 2021, it’s time to start thinking about the future of digital marketing. Gone are the days where digital marketing was simple. With new algorithms, optimization tools and more, internet marketing services are constantly changing. As your digital experts, here at Xi Digital, we pride ourselves in offering digital marketing services that are on top of current trends but are also constantly adapting to prepare for what’s next. So what exactly is next? We’ve compiled a list of the top new digital marketing trends as we head into 2021. 

1. E-Commerce

COVID-19 has evidently changed the world around us, and it only makes sense that it has changed the retail landscape as well. According to statista, e-commerce websites are expected to double in sales by 2023. Understandably, online shopping has only increased as government restrictions and protocols are suggesting that more people stay home. Now, consumers can purchase anything they want from the comfort of their own home, with the click of a button. But what happens if your business doesn’t have a good e-commerce system?

Without e-commerce, you may have already positioned your company as one step behind the curve and your competitors. E-commerce provides a convenient and accessible platform for users to purchase what they want and need in the most efficient way. If your business lacks this option, who’s to say your potential buyer won’t look elsewhere for a more convenient way to shop for the same product. Looking to stay ahead of the curve in 2021? If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to create e-commerce for your business. 

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a simulation used through technology to create an interactive experience of the real world. This trend is fairly new but is quickly becoming quite popular. AR allows consumers to “try on” and virtually visualize how an accessory, piece of clothing, shoe, or piece of furniture will look on them or in their home. This technological advancement brings a whole new light to online shopping - individuals no longer have to worry about purchasing an item online that they may not like once receiving it in person. Instead, they have full knowledge prior to purchasing, essentially leading to more online conversions. 

Companies like Rayban and IKEA have both proven successful with this. Rayban offers an AR system to try on sunglasses through your webcam’s video platform. You can try on multiple sunglasses, different colours, shapes and more. IKEA is another company that has jumped on the AR bandwagon as their platform allows you to visualize what a piece of furniture will look like in your home. As far as digital trends in 2021 go, this is definitely one worth considering if it applies to your business. 

3. Mobile & Voice Search

With the rise of mobile and voice search with Google, it only makes sense that Search Engine results will be altered.  What we typically type into Google search,  differs from how we speak aloud, changing the search intent behind the query. This trend is especially important for local business listings. Because many companies operate through local searches, it’s extremely beneficial to have your business profile optimized for mobile and voice search. For example, when searching online for an Italian restaurant it’s natural to type “Italian Restaurant near me,” however, when using voice-activated searches, one is more likely to say “Where is the nearest Italian restaurant.” 

Our Identity.Business department at Xi Digital can help your business get found for these types of searches. We can confidently optimize your Google My Business listings, Facebook pages and business profiles so that your business shows up first. With an increase in awareness, brand identity, and online exposure, you will be sure to see local business growth. 

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While SEO is always one of the important aspects of your digital marketing, in 2021 SEO trends may be shifting. Creating unique content for SEO that appeals to the end-user is always important for ranking on the first page of Google, but it isn’t the only thing your business should be focusing on. With the right digital marketing service, your company should not only be ranking on the first page, but your content should also be ranking in position zero!

Google is smart. Meaning its algorithm can automatically detect whether a piece of content provides the most accurate answer to an individual search query. Google will then take that piece of content and list it as a “featured snippet,” where a preview of the text will appear as position zero on Google. As a business owner, we know position zero is highly sought after, which is why it’s crucial to find a digital marketing company that specializes in SEO and content marketing to take your content to the level and achieve this for you (we should show an image of position zero here). 

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