2022 Digital Marketing New Year Resolutions

Xi Digital Published on 28 Dec

With a new year just around the corner, it’s a good time for businesses competing online to assess their strategies and progress in 2021 and set goals for the upcoming year. For digital marketing agencies and businesses competing online, the digital sphere has changed in the last couple of years, and the next one likely won’t be an exception. Amplify your growth and enhance your digital marketing effort with resolutions for social media marketing, PPC marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and all your online marketing efforts.

Here are 6 digital marketing resolutions your business can set for 2022.

Resolution: Participate in Social Commerce

digital marketing services TorontoBrand awareness plays a significant role in getting noticed online, and that has always been a huge reason why social media marketing is a valuable digital marketing service. While PPC marketing and search engine optimization services also helped bolster online awareness of emerging businesses, social media was a great way to participate in the discussion and form a strong brand identity and relationship with the target audience. 

Now, social media is more than just a tool for branding; it is a place to do business. Instagram, Facebook, and soon other platforms allow online stores to set their products up correctly on their social portfolio in order to sell to their followers in one central location. If you have an e-commerce website, it’s a good idea to transform your social media accounts into mini online stores to increase the number of channels where you can do business. 

As you build your 2022 social media marketing plan, talk to your digital marketing agency about optimizing your products and creating a one-stop-shop for commerce and brand engagement. 

Resolution: Use Video Marketing 

Branded videos can be used in various ways: tutorials, explainers, demos, testimonials, ads: you name it, but so many businesses are not using a multi-media approach for digital marketing in Toronto. Videos incorporated into website design are often more engaging than content alone. In terms of social media marketing, algorithms for notable platforms like Instagram and Facebook give preference to video content.

Talk to a local digital marketing agency if you’re unsure how to start with video marketing but want to boost your online reach through your website or social media marketing. At Xi Digital, we offer video marketing services such as scriptwriting and on-location shooting for websites, ads, and social media marketing.

Resolution: Privacy & Cookie-Free Ads

Early this year, Google announced that it would no longer use third-party cookies to improve privacy. This change is expected to be applied to Chrome as well as other Internet search engines and browsers, including Firefox and Safari. Digital marketers will now have to switch their focus to first-party data. First-party data is data collected independently and transparently by a business or their digital marketing agency.

While Google has delayed the removal of 3rd party cookies to 2023 from the original 2022 goal, the change to 1st party data is still well on its way. It’s a good idea to modify your PPC marketing strategy and ad tracking ahead of time to prepare and learn what works for your business.

Resolution: Personalize Content, Ads, Email Marketing 

It may seem counterintuitive to some, but personalization is key to successful marketing in the digital world. This phenomenon is not limited to any single digital marketing service. From PPC marketing and SEO services/content marketing to social media marketing and email marketing, personalization can be the factor that converts a viewer into a lead. Personalization in PPC ads or email subject lines captures the attention of online users and engages them to click through. 

Resolution: Track Everything 

One of the reasons digital marketing services like PPC Marketing are so beloved by digital marketing agencies and businesses alike is because results are easy to track and measure. The effectiveness of PPC marketing is easy to improve because you can see who is responding to them and your return on investment. This is a notion that should be implemented in all your digital marketing efforts. Search engine optimization or social media marketing that is not being closely monitored via analytics cannot be strategically improved. Use comprehensive online marketing tools, in-platform analytics, or get the help of a local digital marketing agency to track how your online marketing efforts are working. 

Resolution: Keep Building Trust Online 

The success of an e-commerce website or online brand is highly dependent on the ability to build trust between the brand and potential customers. There are a couple surefire ways to improve trust levels: the first is reviews, and the second is reputable certifications. Get honest and organic reviews whenever you can, use email marketing campaigns to send review links to customers, and invest time into growing the number of online reviews you have on your website, Google, Facebook, and other meaningful platforms.

Working with a custom website development team, you can pick out your favourite and most flattering reviews to feature front and center on your website’s homepage. If you do receive unfavourable reviews, don’t panic. All the trust doesn’t go away with a couple bad reviews. It actually can make your business seem more real. If you respond kindly to reviews of all types, you will continue to establish a sense of trust and reliability. 

Resolution: Contact a Digital Marketing Agency 

Whether you’ve had a robust digital marketing plan for years or you’re just dipping your toe into the world of digital marketing, it’s a good idea to reach out to an experienced local digital marketing agency that speaks to the needs and goals of your business. Look at reviews, testimonials, and digital marketing services available. 

Xi Digital is a leader in the digital world, priding ourselves in results and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about search engine optimization services, PPC marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, branding services, and custom website design services.

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