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Dental Marketing with PPC (Pay Per Click) Google AdWords

So, You Need Clients…

Chances are, if you are a dentist in the Greater Toronto Area, you have invested a portion of revenue into marketing initiatives. With a rapidly growing population, Toronto is becoming increasingly competitive for healthcare and health related services. Unfortunately, many practice owners continually invest in print, radio or commercial advertising without much to show for it. However, all clients are not lost. While dentistry is fundamentally a healthcare service, it remains exactly that, a service. Thus, AdWords or PPC, is one platform in which service based industries are able to connect directly to consumers not only interested in dental services, but actively searching for them!

AdWords: Pay-Per-Click for Services

Perhaps the most common use of AdWords by business owners, is by those in service based industries. While dentistry falls under the category of healthcare, at its core it remains a service based industry. In order to acquire new clients in larger metro areas, dental practices must evaluate their offering, or value proposition to prospective clients. Herein lies the beauty of PPC advertising. Prospective clients search for dental services through Google and are granted access to hundreds of search relevant dental clinics within their geographic location. By utilizing AdWords, clinics are able to post their ads to the top of the first page, resulting in more views and clicks from searchers. While being at the top of the page is great, it can get crowded up there, thus it remains crucial that clinics are highlighting their best value proposition and truly identifying what sets them apart from other clinics on the page.

Finding Your Value:

The easiest method in determining your value proposition is asking yourself as well as existing clients, “why do people come here?” if your practice is in its earlier stages you might instead ask “why should clients come here?”. For many dental practices, you might arrive at the conclusion that your clinic offers a comfortable atmosphere or specific expertise such as dental surgery or orthodontics. In which case, your ad will include extensions and text emphasizing these qualities. Additionally, you may choose to add keywords which are associated with specialized services or offerings. An orthodontist for example, may devote an entire adgroup and keyword list to searches related to orthodontic services along with the appropriate ads and landing page.

Visitor Experience:

As previously mentioned, competing with other clinics in the GTA for Google space can prove to be difficult. In addition to listing specialty services, expertise and client comforts, it’s essential that ads link to an appropriate landing page. While landing page design often falls short of what most would consider traditional ppc management, it’s consistently proven to be vital in campaign success. Think of your landing page as the closing step in a sale, without a visually pleasing design and enticing CTA, visitors may be tempted to leave your site and look elsewhere.

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