3 SEO Goals To Set Your Sights On Next

Xi Digital Published on 19 Jul

Any digital marketing agency will stress the importance of search engine optimization in your marketing plan. But what does that really mean for your business? 

seo marketing targets and goalsSearch engine optimization (SEO) is one of many digital marketing services that can be managed in-house, by a local SEO agency, or both. SEO is incredibly beneficial to small and medium businesses looking to boost their digital footprint. SEO aims to raise your search engine rankings by tailoring website design and content to fit parameters set by Google and other online search engines like Bing and Yahoo. 

There are many avenues you can take to boost your SEO results, so it's best to focus on strategic goals that can be measured and tracked manageably. Search engine optimization is easiest with the support of a local SEO company that can devote time and resources to a results-oriented plan.

Here are 3 goals your SEO strategy should be prioritizing. 

Domain Authority 

Domain Authority is a score , from 1-100, which indicates how your website will be ranked by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo compared to competitors. A higher number means better domain authority. While Google doesn't factor scores into search engine rank positions, domain authority enables a clear and measurable way for digital marketers to evaluate your website's search engine optimization and effect change.  

Achieving good domain authority is a long-term practice best achieved with the support of a local SEO company because it takes regular updating of content that is industry-related. Backlinks and content are the two main contributors to your domain authority score. 

You can improve your domain authority with regular blogging and by developing targeted campaigns that customers find helpful and algorithms deem relevant. With the help of local search engine optimization services, you can effectively boost your domain authority by working together to create quality backlinks and content tailored to your audience and search engine parameters.

User Experience 

User experience (UX) is important now more than ever. Google continues to roll out updates to their search ranking parameters designed to give websites better rankings based on user-friendliness and navigation.

Modifying your website to improve user experience entails enabling smart navigation, increasing page load speeds, and enhancing mobile responsiveness to enhance the visitor experience. Consider how your visitors would engage with your website and adjust your website to best suit their comfort. Disruptive ads, slow page loading times, and mobile optimization are all influential factors in the algorithms that determine page experience. With a local SEO company, you can optimize your website to meet the criteria for all of these parameters. At Xi Digital, we run comprehensive website audits to identify and improve website performance in terms of UX. 

Organic Traffic 

You can't convert sales or generate leads without traffic to your website, which also you can get with paid ads and sponsored social media marketing. But the most cost-effective way to boost your online presence is by directing traffic to your site organically. Organic (not paid but rather earned) strategies are the most sustainable, cost-effective, long-term way to maintain and increase site traffic. While the results can be improved with effective PPC marketing, a strong SEO foundation is very beneficial. 

When looking to improve organic traffic to your website, it's important to set a measurable and actionable goal that makes sense for your business. Work with a local SEO agency and assess your overall digital growth rate to determine an appropriate target and custom strategy as you move forward. 

There are various ways to increase organic traffic to your website. Depending on your business, industry, and competitors, you can strengthen your social media presence, increase the amount of content you're posting, or introduce PPC marketing into your strategy. You can develop a plan that’s suited specifically towards your brand using a mix of these strategies with the guidance of your digital marketing agency.

At Xi Digital, we offer a full range of digital marketing services from social media marketing, content marketing, web development, and online brand services. We can build up channels that boost brand awareness and traffic to your site, so your business can realize more sales and greater profits. 

Search engine optimization services are about more than just outranking your competitors. Good SEO strategies allow you to develop sustainable marketing practices that elevate your presence online that will increase your market share, leads, and ultimately sales.

Contact the team at Xi Digital today, and we'll get started on growing your business with SEO right away.

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