Pros & Cons of Custom Web Development vs WordPress

Xi Digital Published on 15 Oct

Whether you’ve just started a new business and are getting ready to launch it – or – you’ve been running your business for decades, and you’ve finally decided that it’s time to have a website that looks more like it’s from 2018 than from 2008. In either case, you may be wondering, should you opt for custom web development or a WordPress template (theme)? It’s important to understand all the “ins” and “outs” to evaluate your options carefully and make a sound decision.

When Deciding between Custom Web Development vs WordPress, Consider Your Needs

custom website dvelopment Xi DigitalWhether you are thinking about getting a website designed specifically for you by a professional at Xi Digital or a simple WordPress template, you need to understand what resources you are willing to put in and more importantly, what result you are trying achieve. After you carefully evaluate all the pros and cons of both options, your final decision may depend on the time frame, size, budget, and specific needs of your business.

Pros of Custom Web Design from Xi Digital 

When you order custom web design from Xi Digital, we ensure that you get true value for your money, one that will provide a positive ROI.

1. Your design will be unique

Have you seen several websites on the web with nearly identical design and layout? Chances are they’ve been created using a standard WordPress template. With custom web development from Xi Digital, we design your website from scratch and tailor it to match all your needs and desires.  With custom web development vs WordPress , the website will be absolutely unique to you.

2. The website will be adaptable to your needs

When we create a custom website for you, we design it to the specific needs of your business and ensure it matches your vision. Custom websites are more flexible as compared to WordPress templates. It’s a fact. Therefore, custom websites can have much more complex functionality, that works seamlessly, and it leaves more room for creative freedom.

3. A custom built website from Xi Digital is great for digital marketing techniques

Custom built and designed websites tend to rank better in Google, and, overall, are a better choice for digital marketing. At Xi, we know all the “ins” and “outs” of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and we will make sure you will receive a completely SEO compliant and optimized website.

4. With custom web development, comes professional technical assistance

Creating and managing a website could be quite challenging and confusing for an average person. The good news is that at Xi Digital, we offer our own custom website management system known as JuiceBox. This highly-advanced, yet simple to use, system will let you have a complete control over the website content. In case you still encounter any problems, the Xi Team is always there for you!

Custom Web Development has Some Cons

Of course, the increased complexity of a custom web design project requires more resources – both time and work.

1. Custom websites take a longer time to create

Building a website from scratch is definitely a longer process as opposed to simply using a pre-made template. It could take a few weeks or even a couple of months longer, but, at the end of the day, you’ll be rewarded for your patience. Great things take time.

2. Custom websites are more expensive

The main disadvantage of custom web development vs WordPress is its price. With a custom website, you aren’t using a pre-made framework; therefore more work is invested into creating the website of your dreams. The added value is coupled with a higher price tag, but you can be confident you are getting exactly what you want for your money.

WordPress Has Some Advantages Too

WordPress has become the most popular content management system not without a reason: it’s affordable and easy to implement.

1. WordPress templates are budget-friendly

If you are tight on budget, finding a WordPress theme to fit your website content may be a better option. WordPress templates are the most affordable option on the market.

2. WordPress templates are quick to implement

When you are using a WordPress website theme, much of the coding work is already done beforehand, meaning you don’t need to spend months to complete your web design project. Due to increased complexity, custom web development vs WordPress could take much longer to complete.

Cons of Using a WordPress Template 

xi digital, web development, design, coding, wordpress, custom web design, computerWhen you’re thinking about custom web development vs WordPress, the simplicity and affordability of WordPress may seem attractive. However, WordPress templates may lead to numerous issues.

1. WordPress websites are not as flexible

A template is a template. While using a WordPress pre-coded theme saves you from HTML and CSS headache, it also takes away flexibility or complex functionality.

2. The same WordPress templates are used by multiple businesses

WordPress themes and templates are available to anyone on the web. This means that your main competitor could have their website looking EXACTLY the same as yours! Ouch.

Luckliy, with branding and custom web design from Xi Digital, you can rest assured that your presence on the web is absolutely unique.

3. WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers

The biggest disadvantage of WordPress is its security (or a lack of security, rather). WordPress is open source, and it depends heavily on themes and plugins. Both themes and plugins are designed by different people and could easily contain malicious code lines and by its nature, are more vulnerable. In fact, WordPress is considered to be the most hacked content management system platform in the world.

4. WordPress websites require frequent updates

Using a WordPress template requires you to use a theme and at least several plugins. WordPress website is difficult to maintain, and you will have to make frequent changes to your theme and plugins in order for them to function properly together. One update to one of the plugins, or to the core WordPress version, could crash your website and the stress that comes with that is not worth it.

5. WordPress sites take a long time to load

Each WordPress plugin adds “weight” to the site, making it slower to run and increasing time it takes to load. As a matter of fact, one of Google Search’s algorithms focuses on the website load time – slow websites do not rank as well as light and fast ones.                    

Create Your Unique Website with Xi Digital

At Xi Digital, we’re strong proponents of innovation, value, and ROI. We will make sure that the website we create matches your creative vision and meets all your business needs. Among other advantages of custom web development vs WordPress, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our sites and the JuiceBox content management system.

For more information, give us a call at 416-628-5410 or fill out our short business needs assessment and get one step closer to attracting more business, and the right kind of business, with your website.

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