4 Benefits of Working With a Boutique Digital Marketing Company

Published on 18 Jun

There are lots of big marketing companies in Toronto, but are their services suited to properly and effectively grow your business? Oftentimes, large and well known marketing companies are sought after by clients for their popular name. However, you’d be surprised at how much more your business can benefit when working with a smaller digital marketing company. Essentially, boutique agencies in the greater Toronto area, such as Xi Digital, are flexible, have a tailored marketing approach, and fair pricing. 

Working with the right Marketing Company in Toronto

You’re not just a number 

Since larger marketing firms have hundreds of clients, they have less time and flexibility to allocate. As a result, individual client satisfaction and relationships are not their primary concern. For this reason, your experience with a corporate online marketing agency may neglect the attention to detail that is highly crucial to the success of any marketing strategy. At larger marketing firms, both the budgets and expenses are higher, so they generally tend to treat businesses as just another number in their books.

Fortunately, smaller digital marketing companies, such Xi Digital, don’t have numerous locations or massive payrolls to fulfill. For this reason, at Xi Digital we work with a limited, hand-selected, client list which enables us to have a greater focus on your business needs. That is why we are enthusiastic about our specialized line of work, because we take the necessary steps to flexibly help you reach your marketing goals! Certainly, building a close relationship with you is one of our core fundamental values, because we believe that is the only way to understand and bring your business visions to life. 

Personalized marketing vs. template marketing 

Having more time to allot per client means we can build a more personalized marketing strategy for your business! At larger marketing agencies, clients fall under industry categories and are therefore given a template marketing plan. The problem with such an approach is that it disregards many significant aspects that are different and unique per each business. For this reason, it’s so important to work with a marketing company in Toronto that will break down every single element of your business, and only then build a tailored marketing plan for your business.  

A Bigger Bang For Your Buck 

At Xi Digital, our expenses are fewer than a larger marketing firm. For this reason, we are a lot more cost effective to our clients. Since we are a small marketing company in Toronto, our costs are properly handled by us and are not reflected or passed directly on client’s bills. Essentially, this allows you to benefit from working with us because we don’t charge you for anything other than the services you receive. With no additional hidden costs, we help you stay on budget so you can spend your extra cash on your actual business.

Work Directly With Specialists 

At Xi Digital, we specialize in:

With us, you get a bigger bang for your buck because we don’t outsource services. Since our main services are done in-house, our experts are always available to speak and work with you directly. Unlike large and corporate marketing firms, you do not have to go through a lot of bureaucracy to reach a specialized department head. When we work with you directly, we can have a better understanding of your business’ values, goals, needs, wants, concerns, feedback, and more. This is how we manage to constantly monitor and tweek the necessary changes in your marketing strategy. Of course, this means that we are always ensuring your business is on the right track, as opposed to putting you on a marketing plan that rarely receives checking in. 


If your business is looking for fast and effective results, the best route to take is to work with a small marketing company in Toronto. Boutique marketing agencies do not work on hundreds of projects at once, so they always have the necessary tools and attention span for your project needs. Work closely with specialists upon request and reap the benefits of a uniquely tailored marketing strategy for your business. To learn more about digital marketing or for any other further inquiries, contact us and we’d be happy to help! 

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